Moonlight Lavender

Luxury Body Polishers

Add a little sparkle to your everyday beauty regime. Try our rage of luxury body polishes. The essential nutrients will leave your skin feeling glossy and luminous.

Lemon Bath Soak

Rejuvenating Bath Soaks

The perfect way to relax after a long hard day! Try our range of bath soaks today.

Forest Honey

Exotic Honey

We took the extra mile in selecting only the best honey to add to our range of products. We understand your need for quality, which is why we choose only 100 % organic honey.

Honey Dew Oolong

Honey Dew Oolong   veggielogo5
Red currants, Honey & Oolong Tea Leaves

Rs.600.00 Rs.250.00
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White Grace

White Grace  veganlogo.jpg
Pomegranate, Cherry Blossom & White Tea Leaves

Rs.750.00 Rs.350.00
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Himalayan Queen Oolong

Himalayan Queen Oolong  veganlogo.jpg
Orange Blossom, Geranium, Citrus & Oolong Tea Leaves

Rs.600.00 Rs.250.00
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