Corporate Social

We value our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at The Herbs Boutique which has been the bedrock of our success. We do not just take from nature, but we also give back to it. We are not all about profit making, but also about rendering support in many ways especially for women. Thus, our CSR can be captured in two main ways:

  • Women empowerment
  • Usage of cruelty-free products

Women Empowerment – We realized that women are mostly under-employed and in some situations are left to cater for their family singlehandedly. At the Herbs Boutique, we, therefore pay special attention to these women by providing them with employment with fair wages that compensate for the little work we have them do for us. We also assist them with loans and small funds if they choose to work on their own. We go further to open a savings bank account in their name so that they can learn the culture of savings and have something to fall back on when the need arises.

Usage of cruelty-free products – we understand that nature is already suffering from the harm humans have made to it. We, therefore, from inception, committed to making use of nothing but ingredients that will not harm nature in any way. By this, we mean we do not use animal products. We only make use of ingredients that can be re-grown which are environmentally friendly. The Herbs Boutique also practice safe waste management practices – we believe in breathing clean air. We try as much as possible to make use of renewable plant sources in all of our products.